Pediatrician Questions Vomiting

Is a little vomit after feeding a new born all right?

My baby is 28 days old. I breast feed her and since the last 3 days she has been vomiting some of the milk she consumes while sleeping. I checked with my pediatrician and she said it is okay since it may be excess feed that she rejects. I am still a little concerned and want a second opinion.

3 Answers

As long as she is gaining weight well a moist burp is normal
Your pediatrician is right as there is so called physiological gastric reflux observed in the first 6 months of age. Spitting after feedings is expected. Smaller and frequent amounts of feedings, not skipping burps and keeping in upright position for 20-30 mins after feedings does help. As long as the child is gaining weight and following his growth curve, there should be no concern.