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I experience a lot of stiffness in my fingers early in the morning. Could it be a form of arthritis?

Every morning, I experience a weird kind of stiffness all over my finger joints when I wake up. Sometimes the pain and stiffness is also felt in my ankles. I'm worried that this could be a form of arthritis since this feeling has gotten progressively worse. What do you think this is?

4 Answers

This could be early symptoms of inflammatory arthritis such as rheumatoid arthritis. Get in touch with your doctor and discuss with him. He will probably orders some blood tests and if needed X-rays for further evaluation.
It is very possible that your symptoms are from arthritis. Please consult a rheumatologist for evaluation, as there are many treatments for arthritis, depending on the specific diagnosis.
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Yes. Many types start like this.
Yes, morning stiffness can be an early sign of arthritis.