Physiatrist (Physical Medicine) Questions Chronic Pain

Is there a medicine for chronic pain in older patients?

My mother is complaining of chronic pain all over her body. Is there a medicine that I can give her to ease it?

4 Answers

There are many medications for chronic pain. In the elderly, it is important to be cautious about sedating medications as they may cause falls. Talk to your primary care physician who should be able to guide you on which medications are suited for your particular case.
This kind of a case requires a thorough evaluation. Different cases require different treatment programs. For chronic pain issues, typically, multi modal/inter-disciplinary treatment is most effective.
There are a lot of medicines on the market today, other than OTC medications, the best thing would be is for her to be evaluated by a provider and let them make that determination based on the exam and medical history..
There are lots of good medications for chronic pain. I would take her to a pain specialist for diagnosis. I am not really an advocate of chemicals. Rather, I prescribe more homeopathic remedies for pain. However, I have no history of your mother and there is no such thing as a magic pill to cure all ailments. I certainly have my favorites which work well, but I would need more medical information. Why not take her for a diagnosis? Pain is the worst thing to experience in the world, so the sooner you get someone, the better. Make sure you have recommendations re the practitioner.