Psychologist Questions Bulimia

My 17 Year Old Daughter Has Bulimia.

I am at a loss. She's refusing to continue talk therapy. At what point is she putting her life at risk? Do I force her into a treatment program? Can she outgrow it? I am worried sick but also don't want to risk her lying to me. Right now she's being honest and talking to me about it. If I push too hard, she'll just get sneaky. She is my world and we've been through 3 therapists. She's a good kid but has body and self esteem issues.

Female | 17 years old
Complaint duration: 2 Years
Conditions: Anxiety/ Eating Disorder

5 Answers

This is a serious condition - since you tried OP services, consider IP services where they specialize in eating disorders and dual mental health issues.
Bulimia is very serious. If she is very active with this, she may need to be admitted in a facility that treats eating disorders. You can always speak to a therapist to find ways to handle her.
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I am sorry to hear about this, that is a very scary place to be! I would recommend an eating disorder treatment program for her, unfortunately. I also HIGHLY recommend family therapy so that you two can develop a relationship in which she feels completely comfortable talking to you about her problems and you can develop a way to communicate your love for her without her getting defensive. I know it's a hard journey, but her health and your relationship are worth it! I hope this helps!
Bulimia is nothing to dismiss. It can cause many serious health issues! I would consult a Psychiatrist and get her into a program. This is Serious.
She can ruin her heart more than anything and her body organs. She truly needs some treatment. See if she would try a rehabilitation center where she can come home and not have to stay there. She really needs help. Sorry.