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My dental crown came loose, what next?

I am a 48-year-old female and my dental crown came loose yesterday. My dental crown came loose, what next?

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Call your dentist.
Schedule a visit with a dentist to evaluate and xray the tooth to make sure none of it is missing. If the cement debonded and the crown can be reused, it will save you a new crown
Go see your dentist
Go to your dentist to have them recement it.
You should see a dentist as soon as possible to see if the tooth underneath is intact and if the crown can simply be recemented.
See your dentist as soon as possible. You may just need to have it recemented if you are lucky. Most of the time, crowns come off for due to a more pressing problem like new decay. You may need to have a new crown made.
See your dentist as soon as possible to have it re-cemented if possible. If you are not in a position to see one immediately, then go to the pharmacy and purchase temp cement, or Fixodent and place the crown back on. that is the most important thing to do is put it back to place ASAP. If not the tooth can shift and the crown could possibly not fit at a later time.
You need to see if your dentist. If it’s just the crown that is loose and it fits well in the tooth then it can be recemented. If some of the core has broken away a buildup may be required and a new crown made. If there is decay under the crown it will likely need to be treated and a new crown made.
Go see a dentist. If there is no decay and no holes in the crown, it can simply be recemented. If there is decay or a hole in the crown, it will need to be remade. Did the crown come off or did the tooth break off in the crown? That is another possibility.
The next thing you should do is call a dentist. There are many reasons why a dental cap comes loose and there are different procedures based on the reason. If your cap is totally off, you can make a temporary paste out of Vaseline and baby powder. Put this paste in the crown and then put it back on your tooth. This usually holds for a few days until you see a dentist. Do not chew on the loose cap.

Keep smiling,

David M. Kaffey, DDS
It’s best to see your dentist to determine the cause for the crown coming off.

1) It may be that the cement holding the crown became weak & if so, then the crown will be recemented.
2) Or your tooth under the crown may have decayed or
3) The core of the prepared crown may have broken.

Any defects must be fixed before recementing the crown - it is important that the crown be recemented properly without any voids in the marginal seal to prevent leakage & future decay under the crown.
Should be obvious, go to a dentist.
If the tooth under the crown did not break and still intact, your Dentist can recement the crown. An X-ray will be taken to make sure that the tooth that holds the crown does not have a cavity or infection at the Apex of the root before recementing.
See a dentist to see what is going on with the crown and the tooth. They will be able to advise accordingly. You will need an x-ray and a clinical exam for a better diagnosis.
I would recommend seeing a dentist. Sometimes crowns can be recemented, and sometimes they need replaced. Treatment depends on the health of the tooth and tissues and the condition and fit of the crown, while also considering why it came loose.
Find a dentist or go to your present dentist and let him/her determine if the tooth is restorable and the crown is good to be re-cemented. Do not wait too long to prevent accidental aspiration of the crown going to your lung.