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How can I manage my mood swings during pregnancy?

I am having extreme mood swings during my 5th month of pregnancy. I get worked up very fast and get irritated also quickly. Is there a medicine that can help me manage my pregnancy mood swings?

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It’s best to avoid such medication during pregnancy. Consider seeing a counselor to learn coping mechanisms.
Moodiness and irritability are quite common and the way a woman responds is very individualized. Sleep deprivation or interrupted sleep can often lower our boiling point so, if you can, concentrate of sleep and naps which means modifying your normal routine and letting some of your responsibilities go unattended. Calming therapies such as chamomile tea, meditation, etc may be helpful. While some calming herbs work well, their use in pregnancy is usually not advised due to lack of information about those herbs in pregnancy. It's difficult to evaluate herbs and drugs in pregnancy and most information is from animal studies. Adequate rest is still the best especially as the baby grows and causes more discomfort.
Pregnancy can cause mild mood swings. If they are extreme as you mentioned, you need to talk to your OBGyn and you have to be screened for depression or other mood disorders. Depending on your diagnosis, there are some medications which can be used during pregnancy. You could also be referred to a therapist or psychiatrist if needed.

Hope you feel better. Take care!
See psychiatrist
Try 5 HTP, L theanine, or ashwagandha - all herbal supplements and safe in pregnancy - also avoid CARBS you might get swings in your sugar levels and when your sugar drops you get "hangry".....
Your treatment is a healthy diet and exercise. Please do not go for medications. Everyday, 30 minutes of exercise or simple walking can help you.
The hormone fluctuation that happens during pregnancy can lead to different degrees of mood changes, ranging from depression to anxiety to irritability. The important thing to recognize is that there could be underlying causes for this that are not related to pregnancy but have been aggravated by pregnancy.

There is also a possibility that you are at high risk of having postpartum depression. It is important that you seek care with your OBGYN or better with a psychiatrist and yes there are medications that can help you through this.
See your provider! Are you getting enough rest? What life stresses are you dealing with? Is this situational? There are medications you can take that will not harm you or your baby, but this will not take away the life stresses. Deal with those first and get counseling if you need it!