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Why do my oral ulcers keep coming back?

I am having a lot of oral ulcers problem and these keep coming back. What could be the reason for these recurring mouth ulcers?

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Many recurrent ulcers in the mouth are of viral origin. Herpes Simple is the most common cause. There are some other possibilities. A dentist can offer help in diagnosis and treatment.
The etiology could be stress or lowered immune response..but could also be a sign of other diseases.definitely suggest professional consultation
Sometimes stress can show as mouth ulcers and they usually go away on their own in a week. Some vitamin deficiencies can also cause canker sores.
Some ulcers can be viral in nature and need to be treated by a prescription like Valtrex. Stress can be a major factor in outbreaks.
Oral ulcers can be viral or hereditary in source. Often times individuals who have these will have them on recurring basis. If recurring I often recommend to get tested for certain hereditary disorders or have the lesion biopsies for confirmation of viral infection. Prescription topical steroids help to ease the pain.
It could be your diet, irritation in the mouth, or your immune system is down - if you get sick, then you get them.
Vitamin deficiency, fever, stress, or constipation.
Recurring mouth ulcers can be as simple as a toothbrush that may need to be replaced. You may also need to have supplements such as Vitamin C, Lysine, and B complex to help prevent further outbreaks. In rare cases, the ulcerations can be due to medical conditions in which case you will need to visit a physician to make sure your blood tests are all normal and you do not have any medical problems, which may show itself as ulcerations in your mouth.
Recurring oral ulcers are most likely related to one or more viruses. In these cases, I would see a primary care doctor to check for anything that might be depleting or stressing your immune system.
Hi there. There are several reasons for mouth ulcers. Number one is viral, which is know as cold sore. Cold sores can happen inside the mouth as well. Another source of mouth ulcers is autoimmune such as aphthous ulcers. Whether the source is viral or autoimmune, the fact that they keep coming back only indicates that your immune system is down!!! If the source is viral, this can be treated with antiviral medication upon onset. If not viral, you just have to let it run its course. Taking extra vitamin D/E will boost your immune response and might help you with the recurrence of these lesions.

If they are not being properly diagnosed and treated, they may recur. The dentist or oral pathologist may help you with resolving this issue. You need to be seen on the so-called onset of symptoms and entire body state of health should be taken into consideration.
It could be due to biting your lip or cheek, a rough or sharp tooth, or the buttons of Invisalign, or the brackets of Braces, an acidic diet, lemon juice, or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate found in some toothpastes. If the problem persists after eliminating these possibilities you can visit a dentist to have them look at the ulcers and determine what is going on.
One reason could be related to certain vitamin deficiencies, such as Vitamin C or the B Complex Vitamins. If your diet has been poor, you might try using a multivitamin supplement.
Another is recurrent hermetic lesions. These will usually run a course of 14 days before clearing on their own. Have them looked at by your dentist or ENT while they are active.
The 2 most common types of recurring mouth ulcers are called apthous ulcer or canker sore, and herpes virus or fever blister. Both types will keep coming back once you start getting them. Experts say they tend to recur more often when the body is under "stress", be it from a cold,flu or other systemic illness, but can also be from a dietary deficiency or from exposure to certain chemicals (some tothpaste ingredients for example). Keeping them from recurring depends on what type of ulcer you have. The best is to see a dentist or oral surgeon for the proper diagnosis and treatment.
Mouth sores are usually a virus or sort so if have a low immune system, you will get them more frequently. Trying more vitamin C, drinking more water, and a healthier diet and see if that helps. If not, consult with your dentist or physician. 

Tristan S.
This is a tricky one we call it recurrent aphtous ulcers this condition is idiopathic which human language means we don't know why it happens but it is likely it has to do with your immune system
Oral ulcers that keep coming back are a manifestation of a Herpes virus. The virus will always remain in that tissue until it is activated by stress, decreased immunity [like a cold], trauma to the area, acidic foods, or too much sunlight.
There could be a number of reasons for oral ulcers, such as allergy, autoimmune conditions, or trauma. You should be evaluated by your dentist or an oral medicine specialist.
Because of what you describe maybe several problems. I would first do a dietary survey to determine how much acidic Foods you might be ingesting. Tomato based products citrus fruit lemons Etc can be overdone and don't forget Pizza as it contains tomato paste. If you overindulge with these specific food products you're likely to change the pH of your mouth and bring on protective mechanisms such as increase salivary flow and or mucus production along the lining of the throat and back of the oral cavity. These glands are highly sensitive do what we ingest. Less likely might be metabolic problems which could affect digestion and stimulate reactions that would include transitory ulcerations. Medications can also be a factor as monilial infections occur as a reaction to medication in the oral cavity.
Hey there, there are a whole lot of reasons why this may be the case but without seeing you for an examination, diagnosis will be hard... causes range from viruses to stress to autoimmune conditions or underlying disease. Kudos to you for identifying that something wasn't right early, now continue the good work and see your friendly local dentist for a diagnosis or referral to an oral pathologist who will be able to treat, or at least help you to manage the condition better.
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Dr Rick
Hi there, there can be different reasons for that. There might be an irritant to your oral mucosa like a sharp tooth or crown, esp if it is showing up at a same spot. It can be due to nutritional deficiency or gastric problems, too. Stress plays a great role, too. Hope this helps.