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Is there a natural medicine for treating migraines?

I started to have migraines recently and they come often. They also leave me in a lot of pain and discomfort. Are there any natural medications for migraines?

2 Answers

Some people use the herb feverfew for migraines. My experience is delayed food allergies are usually the underlying cause of migraines. I identify the food and have patients totally avoid it, usually the migraines are gone. I also check for neck misalignment and see if there is jaw tension adding to these headaches.
Migraine is quiet complex, Even your EMF (electromagnetic frequency for the Wifi, cellpones ect. Then there are toxins, then there are hormones usually the estrogen particular on females.. I like to find the best I could what the etiology is. Otherwise start with, weight, clean air, water ( 2 liters/day at least, no GM food prefer organics, Avoid all sugars including lectins, fasting 1-4 days/month until