Dentist Questions Dry Mouth

Are there any natural remedies for dry mouth?

My 72 year old mother suffers with dry mouth. Are there any natural remedies to help with this? She is on many medications, and is really not looking to take more.

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Investigate Salivart, a replacement saliva that is not prescription
Yes, a thin coating of vegetable oil on the inside skin can help.
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Keep seeping water more frequently. See a dentist at regular intervals.
Cucumbers, coconut oil, things that stimulate saliva. Dryness in the mouth is part of the aging process. Needs just more water or stimulation.
Biotene over-the-counter mouth rinse is specifically a rinse to alleviate dry mouth symptoms. Please do have your mother try that.
THhe best option would be to use hard candy. This increases salivary flow. However, this can cause cavities sonit is somewhat of a catch 22.
Water is the best medicine
Dry mouth is a huge problem these days and is caused by many drugs and cancer therapy. The most serious dental complication is rampant tooth decay. There are some mouth rinses that can help and some sugarless lozenges that you can let dissolve in your mouth.
Rinse with a teaspoon of vegetable oil, spit, then rinse with water.
Dry mouth is a systemic change in the ability to produce saliva and can be diminished by pathologic problems with the glands that secrete saliva of which there are many strategically positioned to help aid in digestion as well as lubricating the tissues of the mouth which Aid in properly being able to speak. This becomes a part of the endocrine system which regulates many functions as well as your lacrimal glands which lubricate your eyes. The point being that systems don't lend themselves well in the body to natural remedy rather they respond better to medications which are laboratory tested and proven by research. Dentist an endocrinologist, as well as ear nose and throat specialist are the most confident people to help you sort out this problem and where it comes from and best to treat it
There are many medications that can cause dry mouth as well as a variety of radiation and chemotherapy treatments.
Biotene is an over the counter mouthwash and toothpaste that can combat dry mouth symptoms. I would also recommend seeing your dentist regularly and getting a prescription fluoride toothpaste or gel to aid in combatting cavities that can readily occur with dry mouth.
In my experience, not wanting to take more medicines (which generally don’t work), the best is sugar-free lozenges and a product called biotene.
Your mom needs to stimulate salivation by using sugar-free mints or gum. She should avoid ALL forms of sugar. Consuming sugar when you have a dry mouth is like throwing gasoline on a fire.

- Dr. O