Naturopathic Physician Questions High Blood Pressure

Are there any natural treatments for high blood pressure?

My husband has a very stressful job and in spite of medication, his blood pressure is on the rise. Are there any natural treatments for high blood pressure?

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Maintaining a healthy weight and BMI, participating in regular exercise most days of the week for at least 30 minutes a day and consuming a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, lean protein sources and healthy fats is a great way to help control blood pressure. Meditating each day for a few minutes is helpful in managing stress associated with increases in blood pressure.
Yes there are natural therapies to help with high blood pressure. Some aspect of high blood pressure can be genetics. However, for the factors that aren't genetics related, he most definitely can see improvements in his blood pressure by utilizing natural therapies. It sounds like he has a very stressful job which in my opinion can be a huge cause of high blood pressure. Supporting his adrenal glands, decreasing stress, increasing stress resilience, etc.. will all be important to helping him lower his blood pressure. I suggest he discuss about his concern with a Naturopathic doctor so that an appropriate protocol recommendation can be provided for him.
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Several dietary patterns have been shown to lower blood pressure. Vegetarian dietary patterns have been associated with lower Systolic-Blood Pressure, the blood pressure during the contraction phase of the cardiac cycle, along with the DASH diet, which includes lean meats and nuts with an emphasis on fruits, veggies, and nonfat dairy products. I must include as well that less active individuals are 30%-50% more likely to develop hypertension. Despite the many benefits of physical activity and exercise in reducing disease, many people still remain inactive.
Managing stress will help. Stress alone can significantly raise blood pressure. Without knowing your full health history, I cannot make a specific recommendation for herbal therapies as they can interact with medications, however, exercise is a great way to reduce stress as well as tai chi and/or qigong.