Dentist Questions oral thrush

Are there any natural treatments for oral thrush?

What are the ways to treat oral thrush naturally?

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Go to your dentist and they will prescribe either a mouth rinse or lozenges that contain anti-fungal agents.
Not really as this is an fungal issue due to bacterial changes in your mouth. An anti fungal medication is recommended to correct this issue.
Thrush is treated with antifungal agents.
As oral thrush is a virus it needs to be treated with medication and fastidious oral hygiene to resolve it and your dentist needs to check your progress by examining thoroughly the pockets surrounding the teeth to make sure all local irritations and infection have subsided. Medications can be given in order to hasten the Improvement as well as medicated mouth rinses but cleaning is the ideal choice for quick resolution
Oral thrush most often affects people with compromised immune systems. The only treatment that I am aware of is oral anti-fungal medications.
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Oral thrush usually is due to fungus infection. You will have to identify the cause and then manage it. It can be a minor infection, but it can also be a sign of systemic problem. My advice is visit your dentist for a proper consultation.

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If the case of Thrush or Candidiasis is mild, buttermilk and yogurt are good natural substitutes. You can swish orally and swallow. If the case is long standing or severe, you need to go to the Dentist and get anti fungal rinse and pills.