Dermatologist Questions Eczema

Are there any natural treatments to get rid of Eczema?

My son is 5 years old and has been suffering from severe eczema. Are there any home remedies to treat this problem since I don’t want to subject him to ointments that are loaded with steroids and chemicals?

4 Answers

Unfortunately the best remedy as far as home remedies is a few things you can do don’t change any of the detergents warm showers are the best not too hot after taking a shower make sure you use obviously bar soaps nothing with any type of fragrance and once they shower pat dry and glove that lotion and hydrate them. Hydration hydration hydration is the key. Unfortunately when does become severe patients do you need a steroid
There are many other ways to treat the problem without using steriods. Home remedies ie grand mother's recipies can be dangerous or deadly unless she is also an MD. Acupuncture is a type of treatment with no side effect. Go to an MD who is properly trained ie not those who did only a 3 months course or one elective course at university. Acup takes a while to work BUT it last longer than steriods and has no side effects.
General physicians often reach for steroids and cortisones as their first line of treatment. Qualified dermatologists should be able to treat this condition properly. A combination of medicated cream and acupuncture can often works wonders. Acupuncture is the ONLY treatment method not using any forms of chemicals. Home remedies ie natural treatments are also some form of chemicals. Where do you think aspirins, etc., come from? Many meds are distilled or extracted from plants, etc., i.e., natural, too.
Cutting down on bathing can be very helpful. A program of dietary changes to reduce inflammation, improve gut flora, and supplements to enhance this can be helpful. Some of this information is in my book, Radiant Skin from the Inside Out, available on Amazon and