Rheumatologist Questions Arthritis

Do natural treatments work for the healing of arthritis?

Is it advisable for one to undergo natural treatments for arthritis? Do they really work?

5 Answers

There are many natural treatments that are successful in treating the pain associated with both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Depending on the type of arthritis you have the recommendations are slightly different.
Something that works for both types of arthritis would dietary changes such as avoiding processed foods and increasing your omega 3's. Decreasing the amount of inflammation our bodies experience from the foods we eat on a daily basis can provide a lot of relief.
Depends on which type. Hyaluronic Acid helps rebuild the skin, joints. Glucosomine- Chondroitin Sulfate, Fish Oil and High dose Vitamin C help rebuild cartilage and legaments in your joints.
Slow progression is the key to long term success... dietary changes are necessary... the synovial membrane filters the blood producing the synovial fluid. which is probably inflamed, the membrane that is. your immune system has targeted these membranes causing the swelling and pain you are experiencing... change your diet, this will clean up the circulating blood reducing the toxins therewithin, assisting within the reduction of the inflammation around the joint\joints, as your body goes through the detox allowing the porous membrane to heal, which will generally relieve symptoms.

Overdoing it with the activity? once again the area needs to heal~ there is too much damaged cellular debris. alter your activities & your diet again reducing the circulating toxins and the induced damage... lower impact\lighter-weights ~ with slow controlled movements. more is not always better... the body needs time to fully adapt to the stress from which we undergo. this adaptation creates the strength and tissue densities for better handling thereof those stresses... otherwise, the body weakens.
The core concept of naturopathic medicine is to reduce inflammation and rebalance nutrients. Once inflammation is resolved, healing takes place. Hence, arthritis is healed.
Arthritis is commonly treated with natural treatments and they do work. Being able to improve joint health and decrease inflammation is key. Therefore, a holistic approach is needed rather than just having you continue to take Tylenol or Ibuprofen to help ease the pain.