Naturopathic Physician Questions Depression

Can naturopathic medicine help with depression?

I am having symptoms of depression but I don’t want to take any strong medication for it. Should I opt for naturopathic treatment? Will it be able to help me?

3 Answers

Dear patient,

There are many causes and reasons for depression and also many different types. It is a very serious condition that must be taken seriously. Therefore, patients deserve a complete medical workup that includes possible thyroid issues along with ruling out metabolic, cardiac, immune, neurological, and hematological disorders. Moreover, there are blood tests that can discern if you are low on certain neurotransmitters. Following this, if your depression is mild, then yes, naturopathic medicine could possibly help you along with exercise and therapy. Your diet is also crucial in helping you to abate your depressive symptoms.

Depression may be successfully treated with natural interventions. I prefer to do urine neurotransmitter testing to look at imbalances to better identify which neurotransmitters need help. Using nutrients, herbs and amino acids to build serotonin and create balance neurotransmitters can be effective for treating depression. In addition. homeopathic medicines can be great for mood and depression especially sadness associated with loss. A vitamin called methylated folate or MTHF (Rx known as Deplin) in higher amounts may also be effective for treating depression. There are natural approaches to treat depression as well as medication if needed. No one should continue to be depressed. There is so many approaches to assist you that you don't need to continue to suffer. Get the support you need!
Depression is as complex as it starts from weight, sugar not only sugar cane but fruits and vegetable sugar and hormones and stress. There there are genes that may not be breaking down and activating some vitamin B's. But yes, only natural medicine, looking after the real cause is the answer.