Nuclear Medicine Specialist Questions Prostate Cancer

What is the nuclear medicine treatment for prostrate cancer?

I recently heard about nuclear medicine treatment for prostrate cancer. What does this really mean? How can it help?

1 Answer

There are several PSMA ligand based radiotherapies that use a substance that is similar to PSMA (prostate specific membrane antigen, a protein found on normal and cancerous prostate tissue). This ligand has an isotope that is radioactive that, as it decays, releases energy that destroys prostrate cancer cells. This happens because prostate cancer cell
overexpress PSMA receptors and the radiolabeled PSMA ligand will bind to these receptors on prostrate cancer cells, with the energy released from decay of the attached radioactive isotope resulting in killing of the prostate cancer cell. Unfortunately, none of these agents are FDA approved for use in the US.
Hope this helps!