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I'm having pain along my spine. Will a chiropractor help me?

I have a lot of pain along my spine and it's pretty unbearable. I'm not sure why it's happening, and I often try to ease it with a brace and a heating pad. Can a chiropractor help in relieving this pain?

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An exam, X-rays or MRI are needed
One of the most common reasons patients seek out Chiropractors is for spine and back pain. There can be many causes of spine and back pain. A Chiropractor may be able to help you but first you would need to have a thorough medical history taken, consultation, and examination including orthopedic, neurological, and muscle testing as well as x-rays taken. This is done to determine the cause of your pain and make sure it is safe for you to receive Chiropractic care .
In some cases with rare conditions a Chiropractor may not be able to help you, again a thorough examination and imaging would help to rule out any of these conditions they may not be able to help you with.
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Yes. It is very likely a chiropractor may help relieve the pain. But without an examination and probable diagnostic studies, it is difficult to say with confidence. You should follow up with a medical doctor to determine the causation, then be referred to a chiropractor or therapist of your choice as indicated.
You would need an evaluation first to determine the source of your pain. If the evaluation shows that your symptoms are treatable by one of the many forms of treatment offered by chiropractors, then yes, it can help. If not, further imaging and possibly a referral would be in order. Most back pain, despite severity, responds well to conservative approaches.
A chiropractor can help you with this pain. First they will do a history and assessment of what is causing your concerns. Then address it appropriately with chiropractic adjustments or referrals as needed to other providers if it is not an adjustment addressable issue.
Yes, after an examination a chiropractor can diagnose your condition and set up a treatment plan
Absolutely! This complaint is a Chiropractor's bread and butter.
Yes, chiropractics can help. The best solution is to make an appointment with a chiropractor to be examined to make sure there are no other issues.