Dentist Questions tooth pain

I have a pain coming from my back tooth. What should I do?

I am suddenly having a shooting pain that occurs in my last tooth. It is not a constant pain but comes off and on. What could this be? What should I do?

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Sharp shooting pain should certainly be assessed by your dentist. Your dentist will usually take a couple of dental X-rays and do a thorough exam and diagnostics tests. Based on the the above information, your dentist can assess for cavities, infections, etc. (which would be the likely situation) and provide you with your treatment options.
Go see a dentist. This could be many things, from a tall bite to an abscessed or fractured tooth. An X-ray is necessary to determine problem.
This could be a fractured tooth. It could be an infected pulp. It could be a deep cavity. You should see a dentist immediately before it becomes worse.
The most expedient why is fine an emergency dental clinic or an oral surgeon to first take an x-ray to diagnose the cause of the problem and an oral examination to determine the level of infection and how best to treat and or arrange for the extraction or carries removal of the affected tooth. Do not waste time in this situation as infections in the mouth can spread to the heart.
This sounds as if it is a deep cavity which has reached the nerve and is causing infection or a fractured tooth. I would recommend seeing your dental professional for diagnosis and treatment as needed.
See a dental professional. There is either a problem with the nerve of the tooth or, even worse, the tooth could be fracturing and could be lost.

It could be a cracked, decayed or abscessing tooth. You should see your dentist as soon as possible and avoid chewing on this tooth til then.
Make an appointment with the Dentist
Diagnosis for the pain needs to be done at your dentist’s office. They will take an X-ray and decide on treatment. There are many causes for dental pain, cavity, recession, bruxism, food impaction, etc.
You might have a nerve that's beginning to die.
Go see a dentist. Avoid chewing on that side until you can see what is going on.
Hi there,

I would definitely see a dentist as soon as possible regarding this tooth. From what you describe regarding the intermittent pain, there is a possibility that you are dealing with a root canal case. I would seek professional advice as soon as possible.

There could be a number of reasons for this tooth ache. It could be wisdom tooth pain or originating from another tooth which is potentially infected. There could be so many other reasons causing that tooth pain. You need to see your dentist immediately to address that pain. Delaying your dental treatment can lead to more painful outcomes and further treatment could be more expensive.

See your dental as soon as you can. Nothing is worse than a toothache!!


Richard J. Staller, D.D.S.