Podiatrist (Foot and Ankle Specialist) Questions foot pain

I have a strange pain in the bottom of my feet. What could be the reason for this?

I have a sharp pain when I walk fast at the bottom of my feet. The pain only occurs during these times, so I'm not sure where is it from. Why could this be happening? I'm also overweight, could it be due to that?

9 Answers

Could be due to tight ligaments or a variety of things. Would recommend seeing a physician.
Probably an overuse strain. Would be helpful to alleviate the pressure points with shoegear modification or an orthotic. This would allow you to go further and help you loose weight in the long run. See your doc to evaluate you properly
There is a big ligament on the bottom of the foot called the plantar fascia. If this ligament is overused, it can become painful. I recommend you make an appointment with a podiatrist for an evaluation
Sharp pain usually suggests a nerve irritation. A Podiatrist should be able to determine which nerve and treat the issue.
If the symptoms occurs upon taking the first steps after resting for a while. The is probably plantar fasciitis .A good supportive off loading orthotics//arch support should give some relief.
Could be multiple reasons for sharp pain. The differential includes possible pinched nerve or neuroma, possible ligament injury, possible stress fracture. Weight is an issue, but a properly supported foot is the best solution
Pain on the bottom of the feet may be secondary to overuse, pronation, inflammation of the soft tissues, etc. Weight can definitely be a contributing factor. Having a professional exam earlier to diagnose the exact condition is always best before trying to treat it.
You may be developing tendonitis. This can become a serious problem and should be evaluated ASAP to avoid being laid up with the nice weather approaching.
It really depends on where your pain is. The foot and ankle are very complex with many bones, joints, tendons, ligaments, nerves and blood vessels. The location of the pain may be a little more telling. And the fact that you are overweight will most definitely put more stress on your feet and ankles and all of the structures related to them.