Physical Therapist Questions Pins and Needles

Does physical therapy help in treating pins and needles pain?

The pain in my legs and feet literally feel like pins and needles, and I often feel very uncomfortable. Should I try physical therapy to get rid of this pain? I don't really get it often, but I feel like I get it enough to want it taken care of.

6 Answers

Absolutely!! My practice is very successful in treating this condition.
Yes, find a physical therapist that is manual based with combinations of functional plane motions.
What you are describing is a nerve sign. Meaning the nerve in your legs is irritated. A PT can help decrease the intensity and sometimes even alleviate these symptoms. Best of luck.
You should see your primary care doctor first to rule out other stuff like diabetes. Though a physical therapist can test for neuropathy in your legs
This does sound like something with which physical therapy could help. I recommend scheduling an assessment to evaluate your needs.
Yes, I would try physical therapy, especially since it is conservative and there really are no side effects. Find a therapist who understands referred pain from lumbar spine, poor neural dynamics, and can rule out red flags. The faster you treat something, the faster it goes away.