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Will my pregnancy leg pain get better after delivery?

I am in the last stages of my pregnancy and I have been suffering from intense pain in my legs. Will it get better after my delivery?

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In pregnancy, people develop restless leg syndrome, or it can be sign of anemia. You should get a CBC done by your doctor sometime. Check with your doc if she can put you on some medication for restless leg syndrome.
It should get better however few conditions can remain and need workup and treatment
please make sure this not due to any clot formation to the deep veins in legs, if this is ruled out yes the discomfort will get better since the baby will be delivered and the swelling in your legs would have also gone away.
Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy
Most probably 6 weeks after having your baby.
It depends on the cause of the pain. If you and your doctor have determined that you do not have an injury or a serious cause of pain like a blood clot, then your legs will likely feel better after delivery. Your weight will change, as will your circulation, after delivery. Both factors will improve how your legs feel.
Yes, once the pressure on the blood vessels and nerves has subsided (after the birth of your baby), the pain in your legs should go away.

Dr. Bose
Most often, the pain is due to sciatica that results from the uterus growing and pushing on the sciatic nerve. If this is the case, then exercises and PT may alleviate the pain following delivery. Leg cramps may also be the source of the pain, this is usually addressed by potassium intake. There is one major cause that is dangerous, Thrombophlebitis, or deep vein thrombosis. You should tell your OB/GYN about the leg pain so that the doctor can make sure that it is not deep vein thrombosis or Thrombophlebitis; these can be life-threatening and require immediate treatment.

Dr. Will E. Moorehead
Very likely it will resolve, but if caused by something other than the usual aches and pains of pregnancy, it could need further investigation after the delivery.
The best thing to do would be to see your obstetrician and inform them of your leg pain. They will be able to refer you to an Orthopaedic physician if necessary.
Generally, the leg pain improves dramatically after delivery. This pain is usually due to several factors: change in the curvature of the spine (lordosis of pregnancy), loosening of the ligaments of the pelvis, pressure of the enlarging fetus on the pelvic bones and nerves and muscle relaxation all (except the lordosis) a result of high levels of progesterone.
Intense pain should be evaluated by your Obgyn doctor or nurse practitioner.
It makes a difference what is causing your leg pain. See a Provider and have an evaluation of your leg pain. There are many causes including blood clots, but this is not common. When the baby drops into the pelvis, you may experience leg pain just from the weight and the pull on your low back. Getting more rest, drinking more water and using a maternity belt may help you!
Yes, normally, the pain will disappear after some time.