Neurosurgeon Questions Psychiatrist

Feeling very depressed after a traumatic head injury. Should I see a psychiatrist?

I suffered a traumatic head injury a year ago in a car accident. I went through surgery and many months of physical therapy but I am still getting terrible headaches which make me feel anxious and depressed. My neurologist tells me all my scans and tests are good. Should I see a psychiatrist to help with what I'm feeling now? If yes, what kind of psychiatrist is best to consult with?

5 Answers

You should see a neuro-psychologist.
Yes, I would recommend seeing a neuropsychiatrist or a neuropsychologist. It is not uncommon to have depression and sadness after a head injury.
Mood changes are expected after a traumatic brain injury. A structured rehab program is helpful. A psychiatrist will treat with medications but a psychologist can help adjust goals and plans to help you cope with the changes that have happened.
Depression, anxiety and headaches can persist long after head injuries and can be difficult to treat. A neurologist or psychiatrist might be very helpful to you. Also consider the importance of sleep, exercise and friends and family support.