Gastroenterologist Questions Acid reflux

Can acid reflux be the reason behind my throat irritation?

I am experiencing a strange irritation in my throat. I am also having a lot of acid reflux this week. Could there be a connection between the two?

7 Answers

It's possible these are related, or they may be independent of each other. The acid reflux is fairly easy to treat using zantac, prilosec or other antiacid pills. If the acid reflux goes away completely with a pill, but the throat irritation persists, then chances are that they are not related.
Yes, it can. Especially if you feel it early in the morning after you wake up. I would work on your weight (if you are overweight) and I would also try to avoid any triggers. You can start taking an OTC Proton Pump Inhibitor daily.
Acid reflux can cause throat irritation which can be due to reflux Laryngopharyngitis. However the symptoms need further evaluation by an ENT specialist and endoscopy to rule out other causes.
Acid reflux can cause laryngeal manifestation and cough with throat irritation. Try OTC omeprazole and see whether this can alleviate your laryngeal symptoms.
Yes, there may be a connection, although there may be other issues for your symptoms. Acid reflux is a condition where the acid made in the stomach can travel into the esophagus (and higher) causing irritation - commonly described as a burning sensation, although some may report a sharp, heart attack like pain as well. Certainly, if the acid travels into the throat area (this may occur when lying down/sleeping), this can cause irritation. You could try a short course of an acid blocker (such as omeprazole), or try to sleep at a slight angle (use a wedge or a few pillows, or put some books under the head of the bed) to try to minimize the likelihood of acid reflux at night. Additionally, sleeping on the left side is better than sleeping on the right side.
Yes acid reflux is when the stomach contents with is acidic comes up into your esophagus. It can actually come up into your throat especially when lying down during sleeping. This can cause irritation of your vocal cords and throat.
Acid reflux may have atypical presentations. Please consult your physician.