Dentist Questions Root Canal

I underwent a root canal treatment and it is paining again. What could be the reason?

I underwent a root canal treatment 2 months back however I am suffering from pain in the same tooth. What could be the reason for this pain?

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Make sure were placed on an antibiotic after the root canal. That continues to clean up the infection after the root canal was performed.
Many reasons. It could be just post op discomfort. Tooth needs time to heal. It could be a missed canal and residual infection
There is a possibility that you may have a restoration which needs to be adjusted. There is also a possibility that you may have a fractured tooth
Sometimes, teeth have small canals called accessory canals that may not be able to be filled, but can still transmit the sensation of pain to the tooth. Another cause of pain is that the tooth may have a fracture in it. A follow up appointment with your dentist or root canal specialist should be made to have the tooth evaluated.
It could be a cracked tooth, that would mean extraction probably and an implant to solve the problem. Or it could be a missed root canal and need re-treatment or its just not healing and extraction best.
If you did not get a crown, the tooth may have fractured.
You need to see your doctor again, it could be several reasons, the best thing is to schedule an appointment with your dentist ASAP. Thank you.
Teeth can be very complex on the inside. There are several things that can be happening. There can still be nerve tissue left in an extra canal or the tooth can be re-infected. The best thing to do is to go back to the dentist that did the root canal for an evaluation.
A root canal treatment is the procedure where the nerve inside the tooth is removed. The nerve usually 'dies' because of bacteria. The purpose of a root canal treatment is to remove the nerve, but also to clean the canal of all bacteria and debris. The tooth's dentine looks like straws under a microscope and the bacteria can hide in those 'straws' as well. That is why it is important to clean that canal properly and why a root canal treatment is a long procedure. If all the bacteria has not been removed then after some time your tooth will start to be painful again as your body try to fight the infection.

Another reason for a root canal treated tooth to be painful is, if the 'bite' is too high. This means that the tooth is taking alot of biting force and the ligament of the tooth gets painful (like a sprain).
Symptoms could be for many reasons:
1) infection is still present
2) missed canal
3) fractured tooth

Would have to have an endodontist evaluate it.
It’s possible that the tooth has reinfected, or that Your bite is too heavy on this tooth, or there could be a fracture. I would return to your treating dentist or see a root canal specialist (endodontist)
The simple answer is that any UNRESOLVED pathogen or toxin could be the cause of the tooth pain. First of all did the dentist clean and sanitize completely the pulp canal system? Are there any systemic health burdens like Lyme Disease or like HPV present, for these could be the source of pain. Did the dentist identify and detoxify all of the Herpes viruses present? How about were yeast variants identified and detoxified? Bacterial pathogens need to be identified and detoxified. Pathogens and toxins will settle in loci burdened with trauma, pathology or disease like in unhealthy root canal tissues.
There are a number of reasons why the tooth could still be painful, including 1) there might still be infection in the canals, 2) the bite might not be correct on that tooth, or 3) there might be a fracture in the root. In any case, you should have the person who did the root canal take another look at the tooth to see what can be done.
This is a very tough question to answer without having x-rays of the tooth and seeing the condition of the tooth. There are many reasons why a root canaled tooth can start hurting. I would recommend seeing your dentist to take a new x-ray of the area so they can diagnose the problem. Good luck
You need to go back the dentist who did the root canal and have them look at the tooth. There are many reasons the tooth may be sensitive.
1. The best way is to go back to your dentist to check. He or she may know your history and get answer right away.
2. It may be re-infection, crack, or missing canal...etc. Sometimes it may need to be extracted.
Dr. Sun
There could be many reasons. But the dentist can check and see. One thing that could cause pain that the bite might be high so it needs an adjustment
Have you had a permanent filling placed on this tooth? If so, you may need a bite adjustment. What type of sypmtoms are you having? Is it sensitive to cold, hot, biting pressure, etc?
In most cases, the duration of the original decay to the tooth being long-standing and developing for years may have caused the amount of decay to be excessive. This caused much more damage to the nerve than would have been caused had it been caught early on. Also, depending on who did the root canal, a specialist or a family dentist, all of the nerve tissues might not have been removed and you may still be having some residual pain from nerve left in the tooth that was not obliterated by the procedure. It is possible that the tooth may need to be reopened and instrumented to give you full recovery, but under no circumstances do the permanent restoration until the pain is abated. Most dentists wait a period of time with follow-up X-ray to determine the tooth is safe to proceed with a permanent restoration. If they want to do this procedure too soon, it might have to be removed later should the infection not subside.
The bite needs to be checked first, may be the restoration placed inside it is too high. If after the adjustments, you don't get immediate relief from that pain, you can consider other reasons for the pain. The tooth could have one or more accessory canals, that were not cleaned and properly filled. The tooth could also have a fracture, in that case, it needs extraction, as it is non-restorable and it would not be fixable.
It is best to see a dentist to check this out. Pain is likely due to reinfection of the root canal system.
Sometimes there can be an accessory (extra) canal in a tooth that may have been missed or it is possible that the tooth has not healed correctly. You will need an x-ray or CT to know the cause. Do not wait! Pain is a warning sign.
It could be a secondary infection from a canal that was not effectively cleaned out. That is most common reason with chances of a cracked root or periodontal pocket being other possible causes of the infection.
It depends. It can be healing, or the bite might be high. Sometimes root canal fails or there is a miss nerve but it’s too early to know.
Sometimes, even the absolutely best root canal done can leave a tooth sensitive for up to about a year. Sometimes the ligament that holds the tooth into the bone gets irritated and inflamed. Go back to whoever did the root canal and have them check it out. An x-ray may show if there is a problem or not.