Gastroenterologist Questions Burping

Excessive burping with stomach pain -- what's the reason?

Throughout the day, I will experience episodes of burping with a burning stomach pain. Sometimes it feels like acid, but sometimes it is more dull. What can I do to fix this?

7 Answers

While burping can come from many reasons, the simple approach would be to eat smaller meals, decrease carbonated beverages and avoid eating within three hours of bedtime. Over the counter aids such as Gaviscon or Mylicon could be utilized try to avoid belching has belching can result in swallowing of air
Possibly GERD or hiatal hernia.
It could be gastroesophageal reflux or gastritis or nonulcer dyspepsia. There is also an infection that can cause bloating abdominal discomfort and dyspepsia called h pylori. It is endemic to many countries  such as South America, africa,Poland and many other countries it is called h pylori. It can cause ulcers ,cancer, malt ,gastritis and should be treated. It is also found in older pts from United States when we were a developing country. You should discuss with your doctor and if needed sent to see a gastroenterologist.There are other causes to be considered as well.  
It's best to consult a gastroenterologist to rule out redux, gastritis and ulcers. A simple breath test can rule out H. Pylori infection, but endoscopy is the gold standard. One can use over the counter Nexium, or drugs in that category, and antacids with simethicone will help decrease gas and burping.
There is not a simple answer for this. The primary problem is probably the
stomach pain and this could be from many causes such as gastritis (e.g.
acute H. pylori infection), ulcer or what we call nonulcer dyspepsia which
is a hypersensitivity of the stomach. A full evaluation - history,
physical, testing - would be needed to determine the cause. The burping
tends to be an attempt to release air from the stomach or esophagus to
relieve pain or discomfort. In many instances, air is swallowed first then
immediately burped. By releasing air then the stomach is not as distended
and sometimes that helps relieve pain. Bottom line: figure out what the
pain is from first.
Hi. What's your age? I need to know if you have any other medical issues. How long have you had these symptoms? if your symptoms are recent you can try avoiding acidic foods like spicy items, citrus fruits and alcohol. Try having small frequent and regular meals and if your symptoms persist, then please get to see a doctor, primary care or gastroenterologist.
Symptoms are most compatible with reflux esophagitis. Look into prescription of a proton pump inhibitor.