Dentist Questions Mouth ulcer

What could be the reason for my mouth ulcers?

I keep getting mouth ulcers. They hurt a lot and its becoming difficult to eat and drink due to the pain. What could be the reason for their repeated occurrence?

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This sounds systematic and possibly metabolic which means that it may be beyond your control how much acid you are secreting as a result of your digestion and the food intake and how much acids are in the food that you are eating. Do you have difficulty in swallowing and if so how possible hiatal hernia may be needed to be investigated by your internist.
Mouth ulcers develop for a variety of reasons. Aphthous ulcers (fever blisters) are quite painful and are related to stress, nuts, chocolate and caffeine.
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The most common ulcers in the mouth are aphthous ulcers. They can be caused by trauma or food allergies, but the cause is usually not apparent. There are other conditions that cause ulcers in the mouth that may be viral infections, fungal infections, or autoimmune diseases. You should see a periodontist for a diagnosis to try to get your condition under control. 
They are usually viral. Might be caused by Herpes. Might be exacerbated by dental problems or poor nutrition. Medications, medical conditions that suppress immunity. See your doctor.