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There's a red blood spot on my chest. What does it mean?

I noticed there is a small red dot on my chest skin. It doesn't irritate me or itch, but I can't remember when it came up. Is it serious?

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It could be an Angioma.
I think it could be a hemangioma. This is a benign blood vessel tumor. Hemangiomas are very common and you don't need to worry about it.
Your description sounds like a cherry hemangioma, which is not serious or dangerous. It can be treated with laser.
Hello! Red spots are usually Cherry Angiomas, which are benign vascular "moles"
Without seeing it I can not say for certain this is what it is. I hope this helps.
Get spot checked by dermatologist. Some cancer spots are red i.e. Merkel Cell CA.
Most likely angioma
Without a photo I cannot be more precise
Red spots on the chest could be multiple things. It is important that you get evaluated to make sure they are nothing serious.
It is most likely a small vascular lesion. Please take a photo and email it to me
And I will be happy to answer your question more accurately. Thank you.
If its a red dot, it generally is an angioma. Without a picture, it is
hard to tell. These are benign vascular growths, seen more when you age
and are generally hereditary. They can easily be treated with laser by
your board certified dermtologist.
A small red dot on your chest - I'm sorry, to be honest with you, I cannot answer how serious it can be, as i would need more information. Please go see a dermatologist as it's hard to tell from the history.
It is most likely a cherry angioma which is made up of lots of capillaries. These spots are very common but I would recommend having it evaluated by your doctor if it enlarges, itches or bleeds.
Dr. Scheel is out on vacation and I do not have her login info. This is her response to the question:

"This lesion sounds most likely to be a Cherry Angioma which is a benign vascular growth, however, any new lesion or growth should be examined by your Dermatology provider."

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Small red dots called cherry angiomas frequently appear on the trunk or arms and legs. They develop in individuals that have a genetic tendency to get them. They are nothing to worry about. If they are cosmetically bothersome, they can be removed easily in the office usually by cauterizing them with an electric needle or by using a vascular laser.

Lee Bittenbender, M. D.