Surgeon Questions Anal Fissure

My husband has had a relapse of anal fissures. Would he require another surgery?

My husband is 39 years old and had a surgery for anal fissures about 5 months ago. 2 days back all of a sudden he again started to bleed. Does this mean he requires another surgery?

6 Answers

He needs to be seen by a proctologist to determine what has caused this new rectal bleeding, such as internal hemorroids, a new fissure, a rectal polyp, or a tumor, and then decide what is the proper management of his problem.
Consider psyllium husk fiber. Must be taken daily like brushing your teeth. If that does not alleviate the problem I would seek out a colonoscopy.
You should try standard care for the fissures. Maybe you have to check for chronic constipation.
Get a surgeon to evaluate again.
Saying he had surgery is not sufficient information. What surgery did he have? Sphincterotomy? injection of Botox?
Recurrence is a bit odd. Has he been examined? Could the bleeding be something else this time like hemorrhoids? Go back to the surgeon who did the original operation and see what he has to say.
The thought of surgery again should not be talked about until you know for sure what is going on. He may not be eating right or he may not be doing what the Doctor told him to do after his last surgery. Taking care of ourselves is very important.