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If I had gestational diabetes, am I at higher risk of diabetes at a later stage?

I had gestational diabetes and no symptoms after my delivery. Am I still at a risk of getting diabetes later in life?

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Gestational diabetes is a genetically defined condition in which pregnancy related hormones antagonize the action of insulin and bring out the diabetes which generally resolves with labor and delivery. It is most often associated with type 2 diabetes during the pregnancy. Less frequently, it requires insulin. There is a 25 to 50% chance of the diabetes recurring in later life with a higher risk of diabetes with subsequent pregnancies. Diet exercise and weight control (weight loss) if needed can improve the action of insulin and delay or prevent recurrence. Age, obesity, and some meds antagonize the action of insulin and expedite the return.
Gestational diabetes does increase your risk of developing diabetes later on.
Gestational diabetes remains a risk factor for developing diabetes mellitus later in life, even when blood glucose levels return to normal after delivery. The key is prevention, which involves avoiding significant weight gain, observing diet rules for balanced meals and being consistent in a program of physical activity.
Most women who were diagnosed with gestational diabetes, have a 40-50% risk of developing diabetes in the future. It is important to mention your history to your primary care physician and have them screen you for pre- or overt diabetes at least annually.

Lyuda Shvets - Gabriel
Absolutely. About a 50% chance. Matter of face a recent study points out the treatment post pregnancy with metformin lowers the incidence of diabetes by 33%. The best treatment however is keeping in excellent shape and keeping the weight way down, which honestly very few people can do, Best Dr. Norwood
Dear Patient: Yes, you are at risk for developing type 2 diabetes if you had gestational diabetes. You should see your physician periodically for blood work and discuss how to lower risk for diabetes. Being overweight is a major factor in developing diabetes over the years after pregnancy.

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Marvin A Leder MD FACP FACE
Yes, this very often reducing portions and changing life style is very important. You should be screened for diabetes at the least 6 months post portion and then yearly at the physical.
Yes you are. If you has gestational diabetes, then in all likely-hood you have some genes for Type 2 diabetes. It is therefore very important that you take steps to prevent or delay the development of the full blown diabetes. The Diabetes Prevention Trial (DPT) showed that treatment with metformin would reduce the chances of progression to diabetes by about 29+% but life style change of diet, exercise, group meetings, etc. would prevent or delay diabetes by 69% for the duration of the study. So talk to your Dr., dietician, etc & get started. The life style change program of the DPT was given to the YMCA and is available through them. If there is