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Are there any risks associated with having naturopathic medicine?

I am planning to take up naturopathic treatments for my migraines, which are frequent. Are there any risks associated with naturopathic medicines?

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Supplements and herbs can also be overdosed. Please be aware of it and don't self medicate!
There are risks for anything you take. Just because something is natural it doesn't mean it is safe. Naturopathic medicine uses many modalities to help restore health. Botanicals (herbs), homeopathic medicines, supplements as well as medications may be used by a Naturopathic doctor and there are risks for any type of treatment you utilize. Natural medicines generally use treatment that have less inherent risks than medication but that is not true all the time. Make sure you discuss with your doctor your risk and benefit ratio related to any condition you are treating. Modalities that help restore normal physiology is the best approach to long lasting results.
There is very little risk involved with being treated naturally.
Yes, as a doctor I find the enthusiasm of detoxing fast with overmethylator unrecognised makes naturopathic medicine producing adverse effect and worsening. Herbs are powerful. Hence the Hidelgard heopathy principle is the safest way because of its small amount.