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My child is 2 years old and loves to scribble with pencil and pens. Will it affect his fingers?

I am a new parent and I have been told kids should not hold a pencil or a pen until 3 years of age. My son who is 2 years old often grabs a pen or pencil only to scribble around. Will it have any affect on his fingers?

6 Answers

NO - that is very typical 2 year old behavior and should NOT have any harmful effects on hand function later in life!
Most likely the reason you were told that was due to the possibility of an accidental injury to the child by a puncture wound from the pencil or pen.
Absolutely not! Let him scribble to his hearts content!
Absolutely not, let him scribble away, perhaps he will be an artist!
No, I have not heard that. I think that would not cause future problems.

Harrison Solomon, M.D.