Ear-Nose and Throat Doctor (ENT) Questions Neck Pain

What causes a sharp pain behind the back of the neck and ears?

I just suffered a bout of cough and cold post which I have been suffering with a severe shooting pain behind my neck and around my ears. The cough and cold has settled so what could be the reason behind this pain?

4 Answers

Could be many things, from cercical arthritis to a TMJ syndrome, if pain persist for over one week visit your Dr. for further diagnostic testing,
In this case, it is most likely neuromuscular; most likely a strained ligament or muscle. Symptomatic treatment should be adequate.
Most likely injured the posterior cervical muscles or attachments thereof.
Frequently, a severe cough can cause strain on muscles. This strain may be limited to chest muscles, but can involve the neck muscles. The posterior neck muscles connect to the skull behind the ear, so neck muscle strain or spasm can result in posterior ear and ear pain.