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Should I drink water after acupuncture?

I am a 30 year old male who will have an acupuncture treatment tomorrow. Should I drink water after acupuncture?

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Yes of course. Drinking water throughout the day is always a great idea. Acupuncture treatments are no exception to this rule. :-)
Yes, drinking water after a treatment is a very good idea. In fact, you should be drinking half your body weight in ounces of water every day. So if you weight 140 lbs. you should be drinking 70 oz of water every day.
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You should always strive to stay adequately hydrated and definitely drink water when you are thirsty. You should also drink before acupuncture.
Why not?
You should definitely drink water after an acupuncture treatment.

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I see no reason why not.
Yes, if you feel like it. But not a necessary procedure.
Yes, and before hand too! I like to encourage my patients to drink a little more water then they usually do for the following 24 hours after a treatment. The acupuncture treatment gets the body processes going. Consuming water will help flush any inflammation that has been loosened as well as get oxygen, repair cells and hormones to the areas that need it! Also, even though you have been lying on the table, your body has been working! Refresh it!
Hello! Yes, you should hydrate before and after your acupuncture treatment. Hydration helps in the elimination of any toxins that were moved during your treatment.
This is for two reasons: 1) It's important to stay hydrated after acupuncture because it can cause toxins to be released into your system. Staying appropriately hydrated helps flush out these toxins. Since alcohol and coffee both cause dehydrating effects on the body, they should be avoided after acupuncture.
It is always recommended to drink water before and after. Eating a small meal before acupuncture is also very important. It is also recommended to not exercise after an acupuncture treatment to let the body rest.

Alexandre Hillairet, DAOM.
Everyone is an individual and rarely are their absolute advice that applies generically for everyone. That being said, ideally you should be adequately hydrated prior to your acupuncture treatment and void your bladder if necessary before you get acupuncture treatment. This is to avoid the need to have to go to the bathroom while you are laying there receiving the treatment.

Traditionally, one should avoid being exposed to water as in don't take a shower, go out without protective wear in the rain, or stand in the water for about an hour after you receive your acupuncture treatment. This is based on the concept that your energy pathways called meridians may have been opened during the treatment and you will want to protect them from getting dampness lodged into your meridians.

There isn't any contraindication that I am aware of for drinking water after a treatment however, the treatment is working with your body and its energy "Qi" system and you may probably not want to alter your body's composition by drinking or eating anything right after the treatment but, you also don't want to be too thirsty or hungry before your treatment.

In Chinese medicine the general rule of thumb is eat when you are hungry, drink when you are thirsty, and sleep when you are tired. But, this is based on someone being in good moderation and able to listen to their body's inner wisdom and not react to sugar cravings, or overindulgences, etc. I hope this is helpful.
Yes. It is always wise to drink water after an acupuncture treatment to help with detoxification and balance.

Richard Mandell, Lic.Ac.
Absolutely. The body needs hydration after a treatment, and it will make you feel much better. I would advise avoiding alcohol and caffeine for a few hours if possible.
Yes, it would be beneficial to drink water after an acupuncture treatment.
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No one‘s ever asked that before. I usually tell people to drink water or a weak tea, like green tea no sweetener, after any kind of treatment that has the likelihood of affecting your metabolism and or your kidneys. This would include acupuncture. I usually advise not to drink too much right before treatment so you don’t have to use the bathroom while the needles are in!

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Dr. Buckalew

You should be well hydrated before your treatment, and do make sure to drink plenty of water afterwards. You may be releasing toxins post-treatment even for a couple days. Up to 50% of pain can be decreased just by being hydrated!!
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You should drink more warm water than usual after acupuncture treatment, which will help you to detox. Do not drink cold water.


Scott Sang In Lee
It is always a good idea to keep up with proper hydration. Oftentimes after a treatment, I am sure to tell patients to drink a little extra water that day. Circulation and fluids are moving, along with toxins. Water helps flush the toxins out to allow the acupuncture to have a more positive effect.
Yes, or electrolytes.
I'm not sure of your reasoning here....did somebody instruct you to do that? I certainly can't see how it would hurt, but you should not drink too much, as you can flush out important nutrients in your urine. Ask your practitioner what they think and they can discuss your reasons why you would want to do this. Good luck!
Yes, of course, because it gets all the toxins out of your system.
Yes, hydration before and after treatment is recommended. Water is our best hydrator, especially clean/filtered.
You should drink water frequently, before, after Acupuncture and keep yourself well hydrated all day.

Be well, be confident, we can help.
Yes. It is very important to keep yourself hydrated, especially if your treatment worked with the musculature. You really can't drink too much water!
Yes! You can drink water after or before the acupuncture treatment, room temperature.
Yes, after acupuncture treatment, drink a cup of water. It will make you feel better.
Yes always a good thing to stay well hydrated. Many people are dehydrated as it is.
Yes, acupuncture will keep you hydrated after acupuncture.
You should drink water after any type of treatment such as acupuncture, massage or other therapies that manipulate the body's functioning. Be sure to talk to your practitioner about it in relation to your specific condition, which may have an alternate answer.
Yes, I highly recommend it.
Drinking water after acupuncture isn't going to hurt anything.