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Should I have a chiropractic adjustment after playing sports?

I am a 21 year old male who plays football and baseball in college. Should I have a chiropractic adjustment after playing sports?

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Yes. Professional athletes have their own Chiro’s for a reason.
Yes, it will help you with mis-alignments.
Why are you considering getting adjusted after playing? If it's because playing leaves you stiff for days afterwards, then you might want to consider it. Or if you are getting over an injury it might be part of your post-game recovery. Or you might want to get adjusted before you play. It depends on your goals and if you have current injuries you are recovering from. When I played rugby I tried to get adjusted before the match so that I could move more efficiently on the pitch.
I hope that helps.
Quick answer: It would be beneficial. Yet, I would not say it is needed. Maintaining proper biomechanics always will help your body and mind function at a more efficient level.

Dr. John C. Lemke
Yes! Before and/or after each sports event or heavy workout are great times to have an adjustment! Especially collegiate-level athletes involved in contact sports.

Yes. Before and after. Keeping your spine aligned with regular chiropractic care will improve your game. It enhances coordination, balance and reactive skills.

Short story: I had a 12-year-old baseball player patient when I was a student doctor at my university's out patient clinic. He struck out more than he hit. Wasn't too good at fielding either. After he was under my care for 2-3 weeks, his game got better and better to the point that he was hitting a home run in just about every game. His mother said that he didn't want to play unless he got his chiropractic adjustment first.
Good luck.

Doc J.
Yes! Chiropractic adjustments have proven to be extremely effective before or after playing a sport.
It will help the body recover. Most professional sports teams all have a chiropractor on staff
You should be checked.
Absolutely, every professional football team has s Chiropractor on staff. Chiropractic treatment helps prevent injuries and speeds up recovery of any injuries.
It is typically smart to see a chiropractor before, however I have adjusted athletes during and/or after their sports