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Should I see a chiropractor for my lower back pain?

I am a 42 year old male. I have had lower back pain for a while now. Should I see a chiropractor for lower back pain?

13 Answers

I’d always consult my chiropractor with any kind of pain, especially low back pain.
X-rays and an exam should be performed.
Since chiropractors have excellent results helping people with lower back pain, the obvious answer is yes. There is little or no risk involved. The longer you wait the longer it will take to get well. See a chiropractor soon and get the help you need.
I would be checked by a chiropractor immediately. We are now the go-to both experience-wise and research-wise as it pertains to acute low back pain. Schedule an appointment sooner rather than later.


Dr. Brandon Buttry

Absolutely! Your Chiropractor will be able to let you know why you are having your back pain and assuming it’s not something requiring a specialist referral, ( tumor, fracture, etc.) they will help you get out of pain and stabilize the area so the problem will not return.
Absolutely you should. Chiropractors treat low back pain all the time and have great success. They can also assess you and see if you need a referral.

Vishal K. Verma, DC CCSP
Yes Immediately. Most causes of low back pain over time with cause irreversible damage to the bones and discs in the spine. If this has been going on for a while, getting checked out as soon as possible will improve your chance of getting total resolution of the pain.
Depending on your history or if this is an intermittent episode of low back pain. A chiropractor will give you a full examination to rule out anything out of the ordinary. Depending on the results, they may refer you for further evaluation or begin a treatment plan. It is a great place to start.
Yes you should see a chiropractor for the low back pain. They are the number one, specifically trained doctors for this kind of problem. The chiropractor will examine you and diagnosis the condition properly.
Yes, this is the best thing you can do to address your low back pain.