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Should I wear a bra to the chiropractor?

I am a 28 year old female. I will have a chiropractic adjustment next week. Should I wear a bra to the chiropractor?

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Yes. Otherwise, wear what you are most comfortable wearing.
Yes, where are your normal clothing to the chiropractor. Dressing comfortably is helpful, though.
You should dress as you would dress any other day.
I personally don't have patients disrobe or wear a gown except for specific examinations and/or treatments. However, all Doctors of Chiropractic have different protocols.
Simply stated- you are fine to wear your regular clothing to a chiropractor. Chiropractors have many differing techniques they use to analyze and adjust patients. If a doctor uses a technique where a bra would be in the way of their assessment, they will supply you with a medical gown to wear and allow you time to change out of your normal clothing.
Doesn't matter.
A bra will never be in the way of an adjustment. You should be fine in the clothing you'd wear on any given day.
Hope you enjoy your chiropractic visits!


Dr. Brandon Buttry
Whatever makes you comfortable
Yes. Preferably a sports bra that has no metal clips. If X-rays are taken the patient is asked to remove any metal objects that may obscure parts of the spine. A bra with hooks, snaps, and wires has to be removed and the patient is provided a gown.

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Wear comfortable clothes. Some techniques do require you to expose certain regions in order for them to fully evaluate your spine. The treating doctor should have you wear a gown if that is the case. If you are unsure you could always call the office and ask.
A bra rarely gets in the way of examining or treating a patient. So if you usually wear a bra during the day I wouldn’t change up for a chiropractic appointment. You can always take it off or take the straps down during the course of the appointment if needed. Also, If you think the bra straps might get in the way of you explaining your concerns to the chiropractor then I would go with a strapless bra if you have one.
It won’t make a difference if you do or don’t. Many of my female patients wear a bra and can be treated without problem. The chiropractor will let you know if you need to do otherwise for the following visits.

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There should be no problem wearing a bra to your Chiropractor. If this is your initial visit and he needs to do a physical exam he may have you remove it, and put on a patient gown. Also, if x-rays are to be taken, the bra might have to be removed if it is in the area of imaging.
You may wear what makes you feel comfortable. It is advised to remove the bra and all other metal-containing garments/accessories for x-rays, but this can be done at that time. I would recommend you wear comfortable clothing that you can move freely in; no skirts or dresses. During an evaluation you may be asked to raise your leg(s) or other movements that shouldn't be restricted by clothing. Best of luck to you.
Depends on what you are going in for. If you where a sports bra or a bra with no metal you will be fine. The metal is only important if you are getting X-rays.
Bras do not interfere with adjustments or therapies, we ask patients to dress as they normally would.
Yes. Absolutely no reason not to have one on.
It shouldn't matter.
Wear whatever you are comfortable with. In my office I suggest my patients wear comfortable and flexible clothes. For women, yoga pants/sweatpants or shorts are great. Jeans can be difficult to palpate through. Skirts and dresses can be difficult to work with in an appropriate manner. Sports bras are good, t shirts are also good. Revealing clothing can make the doctor and/or patient uncomfortable.