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Should my child be wearing their headgear every night?

My child's jaw isn't properly aligned, so now he needs to wear a headpiece to help correct it. I wasn't told, however, how often he should be wearing his headgear as his father was there with him during the appointment. My son right now is picking and choosing which night he should be wearing his headgear--which I really don't think is right at all. How often does he need to wear his headgear? Should it be every night?

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Hello, please consult with your Orthodontist who can give you the best answer that suits your son's treatment. Typically, a headgear is worn everyday. Thank you for your question.
Every minute the headgear is not being worn according to the instructions of the orthodontist the teeth are actually Shifting the wrong direction. This is not an option for a child to make a decision about this is totally in the best interest of the overall quality of the result in the least amount of Time & Expense. Protracted cases usually result in increased fees and lessened results. Remember the window of opportunity to redirect growth in an adolescent child is not forever it's only a brief amount of time consistent within the parameters of what your orthodontist is expecting to be a completed case. He can't go home with you you know. I know what worked with my patients who had to wear headgear and that was threatening them with closing it permanently so they couldn't take it off during school hours and it was a 24/7 alternative. Then a little light goes on and they begin to see the proper path.
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It should be every night. But ask your specialist.
He should wear it every night if you want the teeth to move. Not wearing it can prolong treatment and even possibly damage the teeth.