Psychologist Questions Nightmares

Should I see a psychologist for my nightmares?

I'm 22, and lately I have been getting nightmares almost every single day. Do you think I should see a psychologist or counselor for these nightmares? Will talking about them help?

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I definitely believe speaking with a psychologist would help you identify what has triggered these nightmares, especially if nothing else has changed like starting a new medication or diet.

Dr. B. Buchanan, PhD
Clinical Psychologist/Neuropsychologist
Dallas Neuropsychology, PLLC
The answer is yes. Both options could be helpful depending on what you want to do. The nightmares could be your mind trying to process an event. It may be a side effect of a medication. Either way, both those options could work depending on what you want to do.
I think it could help. Dreams and nightmares often occur as the minds attempt to resolve some issue that we are not dealing with openly.

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Yes, I think it will help for you should talk to a therapist about your nightmares.

Thank you for your question. If you just started having nightmares for no apparent reason, then it might be helpful to see a mental health professional to explore underlying reasons why this has recently been happening and to determine any course of action for decreasing the nightmares.
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Jenna Torres, PsyD
You can see a psychiatrist or a therapist for you nightmares. Talking to a psychologist or therapist should help you.
Hello, if your nightmares are affecting your daily functioning and your sleep. I would suggest that you see a professional and discuss them. Talking about them may help. It is really hard to say at this time without knowing more details, but there may be an underline stressor that may be triggering the nightmares and working through that may help.
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Seeing a counselor to process these night terrors may help with them. Counseling may not prevent you from having night terrors, but can help with the negative reaction to them if there is one.

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Patricia Harris | MA, LPC
If the dreams are a concern then yes. A therapist could help you better understand the theme/emotion behind them: anxiety, disappointment, etc. also help you with creating a relaxing bedtime routine which may help reduce the troublesome dreams.
Yes they can help talking about them for sure! It is usually something that you are going through even if you don’t acknowledge it
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After review, seek a professional therapist who has had experience in helping patients deal with nightmares.