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Are there any side effects from hair transplant surgery?

I'm supposed to have hair transplant surgery next month. Can you let me know what to expect after the procedure? Will my scalp be very sore or swollen? I'm also wondering what the complete recovery time is.

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Hair transplantation is typically a very safe procedure with little to no side effects. However, you can have pain, discomfort, bleeding, and infection as a side effect. Also, there is a risk of scarring depending on the technique used. Finally, there is a risk that the procedure will not work. As for discomfort, typically, hair transplantation is very well tolerated, and normal over-the-counter pain medication will take care of the pain. After the first night, most patients do not need any pain medications. Typically, the recovery time for hair transplantation is around 7-10 days.
Properly performed modern hair transplantation with follicular unit extraction and implantation does not involve cutting into the scalp to remove a large segment of hair bearing scalp. This minimizes swelling and soreness that occurs after the procedure. "Complete recovery" means different things to different patients. If it means ability to return to do work at a desk, one can do it within a day or two. However, most patients prefer to wait at least until their donor sites regrow the hair.
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The scalp will be swollen for a few days and commonly the eyes as well. The area where the grafts are removed will be tender for a week or so. Most patients return to full activity in 2-4 weeks.