Dentist Questions Oral Cancer

What are the signs of mouth cancer?

Are there any symptoms to look for to detect mouth cancer early?

5 Answers

We look for anything abnormal in the mouth. NO ONE knows until a sample is under the microscope. It does have a common appearance. Get a professional opinion.
Apply these rules of color, consistency, size Kama position whether it is on one side or both sides of the mouth, duration that it has been present, and marginal outline of elysion itself. These are pathologic signs that your doctor will diagnose and that you will pay to find out. Suffice it to say if you notice changes over a period of time it needs to be professionally looked at this is not something to spit ball. Microscopic examination the cellular component of the lesion itself and the proper medication or possible surgery and excision to biopsy it is completed
Mouth cancer can be either a lump or an ulcer that does not go away. Don't wait on getting this examined because early detection is critical to success. When the lesion grows to a size greater than a marble, the survival rates drop dramatically. If you think you have mouth cancer, get it checked immediately by an oral surgeon.
White patches which do not clear within three weeks. Non-healing lesions that bleed easily with little trauma. Lesions that continue to expand after three weeks. Most common in smokers, frequent alcohol consumers, HPV16.
There are a number of signs: ulcers that do not go away, swelling of a long duration are a few. Our office screens patients with the Velscope, which detects changes on a cellular level before they are apparent to the naked eye. It is a painless process that involves a fluorescing light.