Periodontist Questions Gingivitis

I recently had an intense cleaning at the dentist because I had gingivitis. Will smoking make things worse?

I recently underwent very intense teeth/gum cleaning for gingivitis. Will my smoking impact the treatment results?

9 Answers

Smoking is strongly linked to the progression of periodontal disease and it can negatively impact the healing of treatment.
Absolutely. Smokers are far more prone to gum disease than non-smokers.
Yes, smoking negatively affects our health, starting with where it enters, the mouth.
Yes smoking can make it worse
Unfortunately, smoking is an irritant. It can increase inflammation and gingivitis. Short of stopping smoking, practicing good oral hygiene is your best measure to keep your gums healthy.
Smoking will increase your risk of gum disease. However, the effects of smoking may not be immediate
Yes. Smoking, because of the tar, nicotine and heat delays healing and causes damage to all the tissues in your mouth. I hope this helps.

Alan Rothstein DDS
It can be amalgam tattoo or just pigmentation. See if you had any amalgam filling in the area.