Speech-Language Pathologist Questions Speech Therapy

Can speech therapy help with autism?

My daughter has autism and is still non-verbal. She's six years old, and we continuously try to have her speak but nothing is working. Can speech therapy help her?

10 Answers

Individuals with autism typically struggle with receptive, expressive and social language. Speech Pathologist specialize in communication disorder to which receptive, expressive and social language falls under this category. With your child being six, being non-verbal, your child likely will need additional help to speak even in small phrases or use an AAC (alternative augmentative communication system) such as PECs (no tech) or a computer system designed for communication purposes (tech device). This person would be a speech-language pathologist. There is some confusion regarding ABA therapy if your child is receiving this. Their primary purpose is not communication, and I would not rely on this type of therapy to address your child's communication needs.
Speech therapy would be an excellent tool to teach communication
strategies. Just keep in mind that communication comes in various forms and
is not always verbal.
Speech therapy by a certified speech pathologist can help. Of course some of it depends on the severity of the autism
Yes it can. Some children with Autism stay non verbal. They can be trained on communication devices. Some can be trained to talk. Usually their speech stays monotone and pragmatically different. But they can talk.

Definitely! A big component to autism is communication. Speech therapy would help a great deal. Contact the primary physician to get a referral for speech therapy.
Yes, definitely! Contact your pediatrician, express your concerns, and request a prescription for a Speech and Language evaluation.
Speech therapy is one of many services that will help a child with autism. Speech therapy can assist in finding ways to help your child communicate either through verbal communication, or through the use of a device to assist, or via a picture symbol system to aid in expressing wants and needs.
Yes very much so. Children with autism benefit from speech-language therapy to target their verbal language, listening comprehension, and social skills. Research speech therapists in your area to make an appointment and talk to your daughter's school about receiving therapy at school.
A speech language pathologist can assess and find means to improve her communication skills. Assessment is the first step to take in order to develop an appropriate plan of care, or develop a system that would work best for her. Depending on evaluation findings, a therapist may recommend further hearing testing, they may also refer to other specialists. The
therapist may work on eliciting speech, while using other forms of communication. He/She may recommend the use of signs/gestures, picture exchange system, or some other type of alternative augmentative communication device which they will help you select to match her level of function.
Yes, alternative ways of communicating and enhancing social interaction is a component of our scope. Your daughter should definitely get involved with a speech pathologist who works with children who have autism.