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Are the spots on my towel because of any chemical in my face wash?

I bought six hand towels 3 months back and inspite of hand washing them using herbal detergents, I am noticing a discolouration around a few spots of the cloth. Could this be the result of any harmful chemical in my soap or face wash? I read about this a few days back, and is now worrying me.

4 Answers

There could be benzoyl peroxide in your wash
If you're using an acne wash, it may contain benzoyl peroxide, which does cause bleach spotting on washcloths.
Good question. If you are using any type of peroxide in your cleansers, such as benzoyl peroxide, it can bleach your towels. It should not come from your herbal detergents. It is not harmful.

Suzanne Sirota Rozenberg, DO, FAOCD
I don’t know, would need to see all the ingredients.