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Stinging pain inside the neck

I've been having this stinging pain inside the right side of my neck. It's feels like a needle or something is pricking me. It hurts so bad that I have to cough to ease the pain. Please help me!!!

Female | 16 years old
Complaint duration: 5 months
Medications: None

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This is something you should get into see an urgent care for to make sure it is not something serious. If it isn't, then consult a Chiropractor.
I would suggest you go for an MRI of your neck because a spinal pain that reduces or increase with coughing or sneezing could be cause by a herniated or bulging disc. And if it is the case, non-surgical spinal decompression therapy would be my treatment recommendation.
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I would definitely recommend going to see a chiropractor to evaluate this further. Having someone evaluate this in-person should be a priority. Having severe neck pain at your age should be addressed.
Sounds potentially like a pinched nerve, a condition chiropractors treat daily.

William A. Gischia Sr., DC

Thank you for contacting me. I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing some discomfort and am happy to help in any way I can. There are a number of issues which can cause the pain you are experiencing. Generally, I would suggest starting with basic stretching or have someone rub the area similar to getting a massage. You can also try applying a combination of ice and heat for no longer than 10 minutes at a time. If these don’t help, I would have to recommend you seek further medical treatment. I see you are 16 so you should definitely discuss this issue with a parent/guardian before making any appointments.

I hope you feel better soon!

Yours in health,

Eric O’Connell, DC, CCSP®, CSCS
The pain could be anything. An X-ray of the neck should be taken to find out exactly what it is. 5 months is too long for this.
Consult your local chiropractor immediately for an assessment of your neck. They will be able to identify the cause of your pain.
See a physician for an evaluation.
Knowing nothing more than what you describe, it is virtually impossible to suggest any specific or targeted intervention. However, the most efficient, obvious, and effective strategy would be to have the structure associated with the pain you're experiencing examined for compromise, as this will often and usually demonstrate some form of compromise in the
integrity of the spinal column or associated structures (foraminal encroachment), the hole through which the nerve exits the spinal cord, congenital anomaly of the vertebrae at that level, disc issues, etc., to name a few.
Hi there,

Talk to your doctor first. If everything is fine, visit a chiro or physio.

Best of luck,

Dr. Caitlin Zietz, B.Sc., D.C.
That sounds like you have a nerve that is being pinched or worse, a disc that is bulging leading to the stinging pain you are experiencing. Both are things that a chiropractor is able to help relieve the pain with muscle therapy and light adjustments. When you first meet with the practitioner, make sure they perform a full examination with X-rays to be sure that there isn't any disc or bone damage. Before you are able to get there, doing light stretching and icing are the best things you can do at home. Know that we, HealthSource of Marshall, see this on a regular basis and are excellent at letting you know if we can resolve your problem, or if a different type of treatment is needed.

Thank you

I’m so sorry you are having this problem. It sounds awful. You need an examination by a good chiropractor and you will need consent by your parent or guardian so that they can examine and treat you.
Sorry, there is no email cure for this.
5 months is way too long to suffer with this, so please have your parent make an appointment for you as soon as possible.

Best in health,

Dr. Moon

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The best thing to do is consult a chiropractor. It is difficult to know what is going on without a health history and a complete examination. Many times this "stinging pain" or "needle" pain is the result of a nerve being compressed by the structures surrounding it such as the joints and tissues. For the time being, icing the area may help decrease some of the pain.
I would recommend getting into a qualified doctor and having an exam to properly diagnose what is causing your pain. If it has been going on for 5 months now, any source of pain coming from muscle strain or sprain would have resolved by now. I'd suggest seeing a Chiropractor first as we deal with the spine and injuries related to your neck on a daily basis. Seeing a general practice MD would most likely result in symptom meds and a referral to another specialist which would delay your diagnosis, treatment and relief. But, seeing anyone is better than letting it go and potentially getting worse.

Dr. Hanson
Hey there,

I'm sorry to hear about the pain in your neck! Does your pain travel into your arms? Is there any numbness, tingling, or weakness associated with your neck or arms? If your pain is purely in the neck region (or upper back), then you may have what we call a "facet syndrome," which is jamming of the facet joints on the posterior (back) aspect of your cervical
spine. This will produce sharp pain that worsens upon certain movements - and the range of motion in your neck is likely altered. There are likely muscle spasms present as well. If this scenario is indeed what's happening, then chiropractic adjustments to restore proper alignment and mobility in the cervical spine should help. Please let me know if you have any further questions.


Dr. Munse
I’m sorry to hear you’ve been in pain for quite a while. You really need an individual evaluation from a physical therapist to know what is right for you. What I can tell you is to watch your posture (chest up/chin in), no slouching, and avoid holding your head down for long periods of time.
You should get to a chiropractor right away. If pain persists for more than 3 days, then you need a qualified licensed chiropractic doctor to take a look. Most likely, it is a pinched nerve in your neck.

All the best,

Dr. Davis Lindsay
You will have to have a physical exam to determine the cause and an X-ray. I believe chiropractic can help you.

That’s typically a sign that you have mechanical issues and likely have misalignments in your neck and or upper back. These misalignments can pinch or irritate the surrounding nerves and muscles.

Dr. Amanda
Please see a chiropractor immediately to get help. Ultrasound also helps.
You really need to go see your PCP (primary care physician). It sounds as if you may have a nerve issue going on. It is definitely not normal to ease your discomfort with a cough. Please go get this checked. Best of luck