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My husband has weird stomach pain and is burping a lot. Could these be symptoms of an infection?

My husband has been complaining of weird stomach pain and he's also been burping a lot. I have tried a few home remedies but none of them seem to work. I think it's more than just gas. Could he have a stomach infection?

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Yes it could be due to a bug called H.Pylori, that causes hyperacidity and reflux symptoms. This will show as stomach pains, and burning too. Need to rule out lactose intolerance which is due to dairy products, like milk and cheese. This causes pains due to bloated stomach .
You should get a test done for H.Pylori.

Stomach and colon can be irritable. The varicose treatment of the antispasmodic & regulator of transiting, even the antisecretory & dressing.
He could have a possible infection or a functional problem. Go see your PCP for further evaluation and treatment.
It is more likely that your husband's pain and burping as to do with excessive acid in his stomach. There are many dietary ways of dealing with this, but a short-term of medication could be necessary to stop a vicious cycle. It should not be taken lightly, for it could develop into an ulcer. Try a web search For natural remedies for excessive stomach acid.
There is a possibility. He may need to attend his regular GP for further history, physical exam and investigation into the cause. A few things that could be a possible cause for indigestion symptoms could be a Helicobacter pylori infection, hiatus hernia or even dietary intolerances. If he is on medication for other health issues, this could have an effect on gut flora and also give rise to symptoms like these. I definitely advise a review with your primary care provider.