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Can stress be the reason for back pain?

Every time I am worried or stressed about something, I end up getting back pain. Is there a connection between the two or am I overthinking?

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Stress effects the entire body, so yes there may be a connection. A holistic health care professional, including chiropractors, may be able to help.
Yes. Stress is a factor in low back pain.
Absolutely! Stress will be reflected on all your systems, including your muscles and nerves.
Stress and back pain may be related. The three types of stress that can cause pain are physical stress, emotional stress, and mental stress. Each affecting the body dofferently. A chiropractor can examine your back and identify any spinal issues that may contribute to your pain. We can not advise on mental or emotional stress, that is best recommended to a primary care physician or a psychiatrist.
This is a GREAT question. I truly believe in the connection between the body and mind: everything is connected! Just like our brain stores our memories and stressors, so does our body. There are techniques to manage both to help get you out of pain and manage your stress.
There is definitely a connection between the two. Working on stress relief exercises will help with the back symptoms.
100% Stress cause tension in muscles and muscles hold vertebrae in or out of alignment!
When we are under stress it often affects our posture, which can cause pain!
There is absolutely a connection between the mind and body. I utilize a technique called NET (Neuro-Emotional Technique) in my practice to treat my patients that have a stress trigger to their body pain. You may want to search for NET practitioners in your area.
You are definitely not overthinking this. When you are highly stressed your body will release a lot of cortisone, and at some point if it continues to be released it has difficulty managing this hormone. Cortisone is release by the adrenal glands, and other glands assist in helping regulate it. When these glands are also being stressed it can cause referral type of pain which is usually the back. Furthermore prolong elevated cortisone levels could lead to: weight gain, round face, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, muscle weakness, mood swings, increased thirst/urination, in addition to other symptoms.
Yes, there is a connection between stress and back pain. Physiologically, there are many chemicals released when someone has stress, causing pain in the muscles and joints. Muscles tighten with different types of stress and these muscles connect to vertebrae and other structures. It can lead to misalignments of the spine. That is why I incorporate massage with part of my treatment plans
Chiropractic can help.
You're not incorrect at all. Stress is hard on our bodies.
Yes there is a connection. Stress raises cortisol among other negative effects of stress.
Yes. Being stressed can create a lot of problems especially neck and back pain. When people are stressed it creates increased tension in muscles and ligaments causing loss of joint motion, nerve irritation and bad posture. Meditation, yoga and regular chiropractic care are goods ways to alleviate pain associated with stress.
There is a connection and it’s good that you know it so you can focus on calming down in a stressful situation and not only attacking the symptom (the back pain). If the stress triggers back pain and dizziness or chest pain you should contact a health care provider.
There certainly can be. When stressed, we often have increased muscle tension. This can put pressure on the nerves, as they exit through the openings in between the vertebrae. When this occurs, people experience pain.

Sr. Lesa G. Ansell, DC, APRN, AGNP-C
Yes, stress can cause pain in the back and shoulders.

Greg A. Pizzolato, D.C.
You betcha! Recent studies show up to 85% of pain and medical conditions can be linked to stress.

Good luck!
Yes. Stress is enough to cause a heart attack (myocardual infarct), after all. Stress causes a sympathetic (fight-or-flight) nervous system response, which can cause skeletal muscle to tense (contract, shorten) systemically (throughout the body). That’s enough to cause back pain.
Yes! In fact, in this day and age, stress reduction of the nervous system with a chiropractic adjustment is more important than ever.
Yes, there is definitely a connection. Increased stress increases muscle tension and causes pain if the area is already tight to begin with. Get adjusted by a chiropractor, get a massage, or get acupuncture to resolve the tension.

Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP