Allergist & Immunologist Questions Soy allergy

Tested positive for allergy, but never had reaction. Normal?

An allergy test showed that I had an allergy to soy products, but I never really had a reaction to it before. Not that I recall, anyway. Does this happen often?

2 Answers

Yes, actually there are several reasons for such situations. One possible and quite common reason is cross reactivity between proteins in foods and inhalants (pollens). That cross reactivity can give a positive test result for the food while the primary allergic antibody is directed against the cross reacting pollen. I would strongly advise you review your results with a board certified allergist who is well trained on how to interpret such results and will be able to direct you about what you need and do not need to avoid in the future.
It happens a lot, actually. You have a positive test, and yet you have no reaction to eating soy or soy products. To give you a simplified explanation - the test is “overly sensitive.” I do not know the specifics of your test or why you saw your doctor, but this situation can happen.