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Why is there pain in my neck and head every morning?

I have been waking up every morning with a faint pain in my head and back of the neck. Could this be due to sleeping on a wrong pillow or is it something else?

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It could be from many reason. Since I haven't examine your condition, I cannot say what the problem is.
It could be the wrong pillow, your pillow may be to fluffy or flat. This can cause a vertebra, bone, in your neck to become moved out of it's normal position, irritating, pinching a nerve that transmits information to that area of concern. Result, pain, headaches, tingling, ringing in ears, sinus trouble, the list goes on. Get yourself a check-up with a Chiropractor.
Go get checked by a chiropractor, make sure they take X-rays.
Could be a mechanical dysfunction in your neck. I recommend an examination from a chiropractor to determine the cause and correct it. I would also recommend a cervical pillow to keep your neck in proper position when sleeping.
Yours in health,
Dr. Zara
Without examining it, I would imagine it’s probably due to that or if you are in a position of looking down a lot like reading or iPad/ phone. Lie on your back and try sleeping with the pillow starting under your shoulders and should reach the the back of the head.
You really need a free consultation to answer this question adequately. First, is the pain new, old, chronic? Have you had any trauma? What do you do for work? These are examples of questions that play an important roll in establishing correct advice. You may need X-ray, MRI, etc., but without a correct history guessing is all you have.
It could be related to your pillow or it could be something wrong in your neck or it could be both. Change your pillow and see if that changes your symptoms. If you are still feeling sore in the mornings, have your neck examined by a physician such as a chiropractor to determine if you are having a musculoskeletal issue causing the neck pain.
If you are waking up with pain the cause is likely your sleeping posture or position or sleeping on the wrong type of pillow for your body type.
A pillow could contribute to pain however the pillow is not the real problem. A proper evaluation would help determine what the pain in the neck and head is coming from- go to your MD or your local chiropractor. The MD may give you drugs which will not correct the problem just get you out of acute pain. The chiropractor would evaluate spinal function and determine function of muscles, artery's, joints, and bones. Depends on what your goals are to get your body healing.
Absolutely! Improper pillows or cervical cushioning can lead to muscle spams and strain on your neck muscles causing tension type headaches or muscle spasms in the neck.
It can be due to your pillow, your sleeping position, or a condition call subluxation. Your local chiropractor can be more definitive and can see whether or not you’re subluxated.
It is quite often that a pillow change can help your neck "feel" better. However, the cervical spine should never be taken for granted, pain or no pain. Did you know that you could seek chiropractic care for spinal tune-ups without pain? And did you know that there are gentle non-force non-crack chiropractic techniques? I would seek out a good chiropractor and get the cause of your problem fixed rather than just getting your neck muscles to relax with a different pillow, leaving the underlying cause of your problem to worsen over time.
In the most simple of problems, yes it could be your pillow. There maybe a more chronic pastoral concern that results in pinched nerves at the base of your skull. Chiropractic consultation and evaluation would be the first step. If you are determined to be a chiropractic case that would be the best option. This may also include a more supportive pillow.
Thank you for your question. There are a number of things that can cause a pain in the head and neck in the morning. The most common, which you have concluded, is an improper sleeping position. When we sleep, we want to make sure that our neck is properly supported. This means that we want a pillow that keeps our neck flat with a slight curve in the neck when we are on our back, and enough of a pillow to keep the neck straight when we are lying on our sides. This allows the muscles to relax. Often, we use a pillow that is too large or small or too many that results in our necks straining throughout the night. When making changes to the way that you sleep, try to take it slow. Change takes time and is best done in small increments.
Most likely, the alignment of your neck bones is causing an issue, which is also aggravated by your sleeping position.
The cause could be the age of your pillow or mattress or something you are doing at work. The posture of your head and neck while working, exercising and resting are important (we call this ergonomics). My recommendation is to see a chiropractor, get X-rays of your neck (depending on your age and findings in an exam), and get some regular care before this develops into arthritis or a herniated disc.
Your pillow may be a problem but that is hard to answer because there are many causes of pain. You need a thorough evaluation by a health professional to find out what is causing the pain.
More than likely, you may have a joint issue of your neck and back and the pillow could be making it worse. The first thing you should do is see a chiropractor and have an evaluation done.
Honestly, not enough information to make a proper diagnosis. Could be your pillow or could be something structural in your neck. You need a proper examination then we can figure out what has been causing your pain and then make a plan to correct it.
In good health,
Dr. Neil Berman