Psychiatrist Questions Mental Health

Is thinking about diseases a mental disorder?

My mother is constantly thinking about diseases and always complains of some or the other health issue. Is this a mental obsession? What can be done to treat this?

6 Answers

To be aware of the diseases and take care not to have them is good.
Your mother is what is called a hypochondriac, meaning that she thinks she is ill. If you eliminate one disease, the person quickly finds symptoms of another and so on. It is very difficult to persuade her that there is nothing wrong. It is a form of anxiety disorder. Antidepressants or anti-anxiety meds can help. Regular doctor visits and blood work can temporarily alleviate the symptoms. 1 on 1 counseling can very effective as well.
Hypochondria is treated with SSRI medication and psychotherapy.
If it does not bother her, nothing.
If a person is constantly fearful that they have some terrible disease, they do not usually enjoy life, which, in my book, is the purpose of life - to be creative and help others to be creative. I would suggest an investment of time and some money in cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy from a therapist that is highly trained in this skill.

It could be, if those thoughts occupy most of the waking mind of the person.