Ear-Nose and Throat Doctor (ENT) Questions Antibiotics

In spite of antibiotics, my throat pain is persisting. What should I do?

I suffered from a severe throat infection. Even after my entire dose of antibiotics, the pain is still there What should I do to treat this problem?

3 Answers

If the pain is severe and persistent, an exam by your PCP or possibly an ENT specialist is needed. Make an appointment.  
Sometimes infection in the tonsil area persists despite antibiotics. An ENT surgeon can review this and decide if the tonsils may be better off coming out, or just shaved down with Coblation technology. The latter is about as effective but far less sore to recover from. Sometimes persisting throat pain is from non-infection such as laryngopharyngeal reflux of muscular pain around the voice box. Again, an ENT surgeon should review this to get the right diagnosis rather than giving more antibiotics.
Most sore throats are viral in origin, Abx will not be useful. Could be reflux, allergy, irritant exposure, etc. See ENT if persists for more than three weeks.