Psychologist Questions Bipolar Disorder

Is it possible to treat bipolar disorder without medication?

My son has been living with bipolar disorder for a few years now. We have tried to get him help, but he has had a negative reaction to almost every medication he was prescribed. Is there a way to help him cope and live a normal life with his bipolar disorder without medication?

6 Answers

Thanks for emailing me your question. Without evaluating your son in person, I cannot definitively diagnose him or recommend a course of treatment. Most of the time, medications are indicated and helpful for bipolar disorder. I would recommend he be evaluated by a psychiatrist in person, and take it from there. I hope this is helpful.
Sorry to hear he’s had such difficulty toy adjusting to medications. I know it can be a long process to find the right medication. There are blood tests now that can better determine the right medication fit. Unfortunately, medication is a critical part of treatment for bipolar disorder along with cognitive behavioral therapy.

Best of luck,

Dr. Nicole Grunzke
Has your son tried psychotherapy yet? If not this may be an alternative to medicine, in helping him cope with his suffering. Through psychotherapy he may learn new healthy coping skills to better function in his daily life.

Nicholas Capaul PsyS, TLLP
Yes, he should try cognitive behavioral therapy. This type of approach involves learning to identify and modify the patterns of thinking that accompany mood shifts.

Danielle Bissett, Psy.D.
This is tricky but possible. Using a systems approach of therapy, natural supplements, and proper nutrition might balance out his difficulties
Really depends on how severe it is. You can try alternatives and homeopathic remedies. A good therapist would help for sure. Not doing anything can result in many different disappointments.